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Welcome to The Breakroom, where we blend motherhood and womanhood to create a space of support, understanding, and empowerment. Back in 2023, Tia and Giovanni, two friends who share a love for community and connection, had an idea. They wanted to build a cozy corner where women could come together, laugh, cry, and just be themselves.

Both Tia and Giovanni know the ropes of entrepreneurship and parenting. They saw the need for a place where women could talk about the ups and downs of being a mom and a woman in today's world. So, they rolled up their sleeves and created The Breakroom—a place where every woman is welcome, no matter where she's from or what she's been through.

Tia is all about keeping it real. She encourages women to stay true to themselves, even when life gets chaotic. Giovanni is the empathetic soul, always ready to lend an ear or share a word of wisdom. Together, they've built more than just a space—they've created a cozy corner where women find comfort in shared experiences and strength in each other.

Whether you're a new mom trying to figure things out or a seasoned pro looking for a shoulder to lean on, The Breakroom is here for you. So, grab a cup of coffee, pull up a chair, and join us as we navigate this crazy journey called motherhood—because here, you're not just a mom. You're part of a tribe.


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Break Room
Break Room
Apr 15, 2024, 7:00 PM CDT
Virtual Event
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